Societatea Antreprenorială pentru Studenți - StudSA USV
Laboratorul de Incubare a Afacerilor (INCUBAF)


The Business Incubation Lab (INCUBAF) supports the development of RD entrepreneurial activity component of the university, with the aim of provide the support structures for teachers and students to initiate new commercial or intellectual projects. INCUBAF contributes to increase the research and development and multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary innovation capacity by developing the specific infrastructure and attracting young researchers and highly qualified specialists, and supports students in developing entrepreneurial skills and provides tailored support for early-stage, high-growth businesses and ideas.

Domains of activity:

  • Research in business
  • Trainings in start-ups and business development
  • Consulting and business incubator


  • Training in entrepreneurship
  • Consultancy
  • Business incubation
  • Technology transfer
  • Development of spin-off companies
  • Conclude partnerships between university, government and industry through research contracts


  • Desktop computers and peripherals
  • All in One PC Systems
  • Laptops
  • Printers
  • Projector
  • Flipchart


Coordinator: Professor PhD. Gabriela Prelipcean (PhD supervisor),
Members: Professor PhD. Carmen Năstase, Associate Professor PhD. Carmen Chașovschi, Associate Professor PhD. Mariana Lupan, Associate Professor PhD. Angela Albu, Associate Professor PhD. Mihai Popescu, Associate Professor PhD. Carmen Boghean, Associate Professor PhD. Ovidiu Ghiuță, Lecturer PhD. Marcela Hurjui, Lecturer PhD. Ruxandra Bejinariu.